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David Newton

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Pregnant [Jun. 13th, 2016|08:56 am]
David Newton
I have a huge announcement today - but it's not the one I've been building up to over the last few weeks...

My wife Whitney is pregnant for the first time! Yes, soon we're expecting a little mutant mouse-rabbit of our own :) Our due date - seriously - is Christmas Day, condemning this child to a lifetime of rubbish combined Christmas-and-birthday gifts.

It still feels new to me every time I think about it, and I have no idea how things are going to be after December... but maybe I'll manage to mess this child up a little less than my parents did with me.

[User Picture]From: kytheraen
2016-06-13 09:15 pm (UTC)
Christmas babies are the best babies. Get her induced on Xmas eve though. Share a day with me, not Jeebus ;)

Congratulations!! :D

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[User Picture]From: davidn
2016-06-14 01:42 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! We will do our best :)
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